Kampff Lab + London

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The Kampff Lab has settled into its new home: the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for neural circuits and behaviour at UCL. The majority of the lab is now in London (or will be by the end of next month), and to inaugurate this milestone we have updated the lab website. There is now a section about the SWC PhD programme, a repository of completed Masters and PhD theses, and a greatly expanded dataset for validating advanced neural electrodes (see subsequent post). We will soon be revamping the Projects section to provide detailed, regularly updated info about the specific research questions (and people involved) that the lab is pursing in our awesome new institute. In addition, the Kampff Lab Blog (of which this is the first post!) is now live. You should expect regular posts about our research, datasets, ideas, and commentary related to all things "intelligence". Fun times indeed.

Finally (and most importantly), many, many, many thanks to our former home and all of our amazing colleagues at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown. This is not the end, but the beginning of a new phase in which the principles and vision of the CF spread beyond Lisbon.