...for a world of parallel, streaming, asynchronous events...

Gonçalo Lopes developed Bonsai to make it easier to quickly prototype complex, event-driven, asynchronous environments. The Kampff Lab uses Bonsai to control our dynamic behaviour assays and to simultaneously record many different measures of brain activity.

Bonsai is high performance, quick to learn, and easily extended (with both C# and Python). It is now being used in a number of neuroscience projects and courses, but it's applications go well beyond the brain research community.

You can find out much more about Bonsai in the official publication, but the best way to get started is to download the framework and start playing around. There are number of examples included and tutorials available online; with only a webcam and an can create some remarkable things.

To demo Bonsai's ease-of-use and to stimulate ideas for your own projects, then check out the "crash-course" video below:

A video tutorial introduction to the Bonsai visual programming language for processing and controlling data streams